Welcome to “The Murphy Minute”

Welcome to “The Murphy Minute”…Your 2020 Tax Update….

This website is devoted to providing current tax information to individuals who are interested in being  well informed on the most recent changes that will affect their lives.

At no time in the history have we faced such critical challenges  because of the Corona Virus.

As such I would like to recommend a superior professional business resource for your office. The American Institute of CPA’s has a robust site containing many critical articles associated with dealing with the Corona Virus.

I  think you will find this site helpful in answering questions dealing with the business effects of the virus.


The decisions we make this year for our businesses and our families are some of the most important ones we will have ever make. They will shape the future of our country. To do this correctly you need to be current and well informed.

I have tried to present within this website  information  that can  empower you to make intelligent decisions about your business life.

The site focuses  on how tax regulations are applied by our state and federal courts.

To stay informed I hope you will register at the AICPA Learning Center and join me online for one of my ‘virtual’ tax presentations this year. It will be fun and informative.

See my “Seminar Page” for additional details and dates.



If your company or news organization  would like me to  discuss in more detail one of the  tax topics on the site please  contact me at  317-201-6699  or email me at wmurphy@wmmurphycpa.com.

I will happy to help!

It is my hope that you will find my site helpful in better understanding many of these complex tax topics. The tax code is ever changing so the articles and  webcasts on this site are  designed to make you “think”.

Remember for more complex tax  issues always seek the assistance of  a qualified  tax professional.

Any comments listed on the site are my own and may not necessarily be those  of any other  professional organization or group that I may  be associated.

I also want to thank the tax publications and treatises on my “Resource” page for their help in  providing a factual foundation and understanding for this site.

I invite you to visit and subscribe to these publications for future developments.

One last thought….….One of our countries most famous  founders…John Adams once said……” every patriot is entitled to his own opinion….but NOT his own facts“…so be well informed and participate in the process.

Enjoy the site and Stay Safe !